What to Bring to the Audition

Audition Instructions

1.  Arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled audition time.


2.  Dress for success. 


3.  Bring a headshot (or school picture ) and resume. Your headshot is required to be considered for a casting.


4.  Prepared one vocal selection from each show if you auditioning for the full season


     Selections can be downloaded here :


5.  Prepare a one minute monologue that you like (play, poem, commercial, movie clip, etc.). Be creative.


6.  Due to Genesis Theatre booking policies, we are unable to post our show dates and rehearsal schedule at this time.  Before sending casting information you will be sent an email with our schedule.  At that time we will request that you let us know if your availability for DYT has changed.  We will not be casting our season until we receive our show dates from the Genesis Theatre and the Delta School District.  


Here are some tips for making your audition an enjoyable experience for yourself and everyone else in the room.

  • If there's a form to fill out, print legibly. There's nothing worse than being unable to read your contact information. 

  • Be yourself. Don’t try to project a false personality. It will show. Dress in your normal clothes, clothes and shoes in which you feel comfortable. Don't wear a costume. 

  • Be friendly. Come in, say hi to everyone, and tell them your name. If they want to introduce themselves, they will, but chances are they don't want to introduce themselves to dozens of actors over the course of a day or evening.

  • When you do your song or monologue, do it like it's opening night, with all the energy and excitement you use in performance -- even if you're in a small room. Let them see how great you can be.

  • When it comes to auditions, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS OVER-ACTING. Most actors are so afraid of over-acting they deliver bland, energy-free performances at auditions. There is no such thing as over-acting -- no emotion, no reaction can be too big if it makes sense in the scene. Just make sure all your choices make sense in the context of the scene or song. 

  • Don’t make any excuses. Don’t tell the director or music director you’re sick. Don’t tell them your voice isn’t as good as usual. Just do your best.

  • If you make a mistake during the audition (for example, you miss a vocal entrance, forget part of your monologue, mispronounce a word, forget a step in a dance audition, etc.), either continue or ask to start over.  Just make a choice.  The director doesn't care if you forget something, but he does want to know if you have poise when something goes wrong.

  • Generally, don't use an accent or dialect unless you ask first if the director wants one. And don't do it unless you can do it well.

  • No matter what, be flexible. If the music director asks you to vocalize higher or lower than you're comfortable, do it. If the director or music director asks you to try your song again, only this time in a different style or with a different attitude, do it. If the director asks you to try a reading in a different way, do it. No excuses, no expressions of disbelief, no nervous giggling, just do it.

  • And don't forget to thank the director(s) on the way out.

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