Our theatre has so many incredible opportunities for students and young adults to get involved behind the curtain. If the spotlight isn't for you, join in backstage.

What is "Tech Crew"?

Members of the Tech Crew are students and post secondary students who work on the backstage elements of the show. This can include building sets, making costumes, designing,setting lights & sound and so much more. Stage Crew members are individuals who have committed to working backstage during the performances of the show. They are required to attend all tech rehearsals and performances. See below for more details on tech rehearsals. Click here to learn more about the different Tech Crew opportunities.

Come to Build Day

The best way to get started working on the tech crew for a show is to attend the crew Build Days. During the show season, the Build Crew meets after school 1-2 times a week to create sets, costumes and other technical elements for the show. Students can come as many or as few Build Days as they would like. Activites at Build Day can include: scenic construction painting prop making costume construction light hanging & focusing and more! Everyone is welcome regardless of experience level. Even if you have never picked up a paintbrush or held a power drill in your life, Build Days are a great time to learn! Build Days are supervised and led by the DYT Technical Director, Tony Barton. Check The Callboard for a calendar of scheduled Build Days.

Join the Stage Crew

When the time comes for a show to be performed for an audience, students and young adults can join the Stage Crew. Stage Crew members work backstage or in the booth during live performances of shows. A position on the Stage Crew requires being available for all tech rehearsals (covering about 2 weeks) and all performances. The performers onstage rely heavily on the Stage Crew and crew members must be reliable, consistant and dedicated. Stage Crew work can include: Moving scenery Managing props Using the fly system Managing costumes Operating spotlights Running the light or sound board Special effects (fog, confetti, snow, etc.) Check The Callboard to apply to join the Stage Crew for the next show.

What is a "Tech Crew Event"

In order to build team moral and trust the crew must get to know each other. From time to time the crew will meet with Mr. B to have an outing that can range from an evening of wings and DQ to Go-kart Racing! It's a guaranteed good time for sure!

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