Hello parents, and welcome to the wonderful world of  Delta Youth Theatre! This is an introductory page that will give you some info about ways that parents can help support the program. There are many different ways to be involved! Our parents have so much fun creating with us, and we hope you’ll join us!



Make a Costume

Costumes! We make a lot of our own costumes. Many costumes have simple stitching so that students and families can help make them. Let us know if you like to sew and make things and we can give you a project you can work on at home in your free time! We can provide patterns, fabric, etc.

Support Marketing for the Shows

We have a “Poster Day” a few weeks before the show where the whole cast and crew spends an afternoon putting up posters around Delta. We can also use help with posting on various online spaces to help market our shows. If you have an active facebook account WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please "share," "like," "comment" on our posts and ads! You would be surprised how much this helps and it's so easy! WE LOVE YOUR POSITIVE POSTS!

Join Us on a Field Trip as a Chaperone, Driver or Volunteer

We go on field trips to see shows. Join us as a chaperone and come along! Our parents really enjoy accompanying us and if we see a show, you’ll get to see it too!

Rehearsal Snacks

Teens get hungry! Occasionally, we have LOOOONG rehearsals and these kids need to eat! If you'd like to help prepare, deliver, serve or donate to a company meal, please contact us.

Theatre Wish List

Theatre Wish List It takes lots of odds and ends to keep a theatre running. If you're excited about contributing to Delta Youth Theatre and want to know what we need the most, check out our Amazon Wish List.

Fundraising and Events

At DYT we have a saying that, "It takes a village to raise a musical," and we'd love you to be a part of our village. Click here to check The Callboard for any upcoming fundraisers and events.


Delta Youth Theatre always welcomes cash or cheque donations. These contributions support royalty payments for productions, set and costuming needs, scholarships for students and many other costs. Cheques should be made out to "Delta Youth Theatre," and can either be dropped off at rehearsal or mailed to our office address 56-5900 Ferry Rd. Delta BC, V4K 5C3. THANK YOU!!!