Welcome to the Frequently-Asked-Questions section written specifically for DYT students. If you're a new company member or just considering joining us, here is where you will find answers to your most burning questions. Select a question below to find the answer.

How can I get involved in Delta Youth Theatre?

There are lots of ways to get involved. You can take a class, audition for a musical, or work backstage on the crew. Find out about more opportunities here.

What classes can I take at Delta Youth Theatre?

Delta Youth Theatre offers Musical Theatre I, Musical Theatre II and Movement for the Actor. Check out Delta Youth Theatre's classes here.

Do you need to take classes to be in a show?

Nope! Show auditions are open to all. That being said, you learn valuable skills in the classes that you can use to improve as a performer. Many of our performers come into auditions with prior experience in dance, acting and singing. If you are super keen, we recommend that you do your best to acquire skills in these triple threat areas.

Should I audition for a show?

There are two reasons you might be asking this question – is it because you’re afraid but something is telling you that you should? If so, go for it! Are you worried that you’re taking on too much with everything else that you’re doing? Well, perhaps you are. Think about your priorities, your school schedule, your other extracurricular commitments, your mental wellbeing, and your balance. If you are too busy and don’t think you can be healthy, keep up your grades, and still do the show, we love you, but don’t audition. If you are ready to commit and your heart is singing to be onstage, then YES.

Can I do other extra-curricular activities and audition for a show at the same time?

It depends. Being involved in a DYT musical is a large commitment. Some extracuricular activities overlap with part of the rehearsal process, you will get a good sense of the conflict by scrutinizing our rehearsal schedule and comparing it to your other commitments.

What is the time commitment for being in a show?

We typically meet on Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons/evenings for rehearsals. We also occassionally meet for rehearsals on Saturdays and Mondays. For more information click here to check the specific rehearsal schedule on The Callboard. The week before the show opens is called "Tech Week." It is when we add all of the lights, sounds, costumes and technical elements of the show. During this time we rehearse more frequently.

How do you join the tech crew?

Stage Crew members are students and young adults who have committed to working backstage during the performances of the show. They are required to attend all Tech Rehearsals and performances. See below for more details on Tech Rehearsals. Crew leadership positions are available to students or young adults by application only. This is a way for experienced crew members to take on leadership positions. Other Crew leadership positions include light board, sound board and spotlight operators and assistant stage managers. The time commitments can vary. For more information on Tech Crew opportunities click here.

What do I do if I have to miss rehearsal or I'm sick?

Due to covid-19 protocol, students must stay home when sick. Any conflicts that have been submitted and agreed upon prior to casting are excused however, beyond this students are expected to be at all rehearsals they are called for.

What is "Tech Rehearsal"?

Tech Rehearsal is when the cast and crew combine all of the technical elements of the show. We work together to practice scene changes, add costumes, focus lights, test sound and do everything else that makes a show magical. This can be a very busy time for the cast and crew as we need to finish everything so that the show is ready for an audience. Tech rehearsals are tedius but we pride ourselves in having a detailed plan and executing it efficiently.

What is "Strike"?

Strike is the theatrical word for “clean-up”! Strike takes place immediately after the last performance and it is when the crew tears down the set, cleans up backstage and puts away costumes and props.

I have another question that isn't covered here.

No problem! Please feel free to send us an email at

Where does DYT rehearse?

Rehearsals are located at the All Saints Anglican Ladner Church. The address is 4755 Arthur Drive, Ladner BC.

What will the rehearsal process be like?

Students will rehearse anywhere from once a week to three times per week as we get closer to opening night. Students are expected to be on time and ready to sing, dance, act and have a 'yes let's' attitude. Students will receive scripts and accompaniment tracks that they can use to get familiar with and ultimately memorize. Choreography, blocking and movement will be built upon at each rehearsal so remembering a previous rehearsals' direction is expected. Don't worry, we have fun too! DYT studetns play theatre games and do team building activities!

What are the shows like?

At DYT we perform Broadway Junior productions with all of the elements of a professional production. Students will perform anywhere from 3-6 shows depending on their roles and/or ensemble track. DYT shows have taken place at the Metro Theatre in Vancouver, the Genesis Theatre in Ladner and outdoors at the South Delta Baptist Church! Wherever we perform audiences are blown away with our students and the production.

What is a track role?

Good question! In some cases there are 4 performers cast in one role. If this is the case for you, you will most likely play an 'off-night' or a 'track.' Your 'track' refers to the multiple roles you may play in one show. To explain what a track is, we are going to use an example from Frozen Jr. In Frozen Jr. you may start the show as a Villager in Arendelle. Then you may change costumes to be a Troll in "Fixer Upper," and then a Seagull in "In Summer" and finally, you're be back to a Villager. Needless to say, you are busy and having a lot of fun.

What does "off-night" mean?

Due to our 4 cast model, students are sometimes free to play a different role or roles in the same cast....on a different night. Let's give an example....Beauty and the Beast. Friday night, you are performing the role of Belle. Saturday night, you are a Villager, a Fork, a Wolf and back to a Villager.