Rehearsal Schedule

Sundays - All cast members will be called on Sundays for rehearsals. Your time will either be 2-5: 00 pm or 6:00-8: 30 pm depending on the cast you are in.   Note:  For the months of November and April, Cast 1 & 2 rehearsals will begin at 5:30 pm


Wednesday - All cast members must be available for Wednesday rehearsals. Your time will either be 5: 00pm - 7:00pm or 7:30pm-9:00pm depending on the cast you are in. Cast members will be given 5 days notice for Wednesday call-times. Students may be called for a portion of this rehearsal or for the entire time.  Note:  For the months of November and April, Cast 1 & 2 rehearsals will begin at 7:00 pm

Mind the "Gap"- We request that students keep the time between the "early cast" and "later cast" available as we use these times for costume fittings, promo rehearsals involving all 4 casts, dialect coachings and other show-related and rehearsal needs​. 

Wednesdays 7-7:30pm

Sundays 5-6pm 

Other- Some students may be contacted outside of this schedule for vocal coaching prep.   


Tech week - This time is incredibly important and we require all actors to be available. Tech rehearsals and performances will be in the Genesis Theatre.


Sunday rehearsals will be:            Cast  3 & 4 -- 2:00pm - 5:00pm  

                                                              Cast  1 & 2 -- 6:00pm - 8:30pm


Wednesday rehearsals will be:    Cast  3 & 4 -- 5:00pm - 7:00pm  

                                                              Cast  1 & 2 -- 7:30pm - 9:00pm


Frozen jr.


The Music Man  jr.

NEW - Rehearsals will be at the All Saints Anglican Church 4755 Arthur Dr, Delta. 

"Later cast"

"Later cast"

"Early cast"

"Early cast"

September  2019                                 

    Reh #1    Wednesday, Sept. 4th  (full Company)

    Reh #2    Sunday, Sept. 8th          

    Reh #3    Wednesday, Sept. 11th  

    Reh #4    Sunday, Sept. 15th          

    Reh #5    Wednesday, Sept. 18th       

                     Friday, Sept. 20th * Pro D   

                          Private Coachings TBS  

    Reh #6    Sunday, Sept. 22nd          

    Reh #7    Wednesday, Sept. 25th

    Reh #8    Sunday, Sept. 29th 


October  2019

    Reh #9  Wednesday, Oct. 2nd

    Reh #10  Sunday, Oct. 6th 

    Reh #11  Wednesday, Oct. 9th

    Reh #12  Monday, Oct. 14th

                                   cast 3/4  1:30 - 4:30

                                   cast 1/2  5:30- 8:30pm

    Reh #13  Wednesday, Oct. 16th

    Reh #14  Sunday, Oct. 20th

    Reh #15  Wednesday, Oct. 23rd

                     Friday, Oct. 25th  * Pro D 

                                   Private Coachings TBS

    Reh #16  Sunday, Oct. 27th

    Reh # 17  Wednesday, Oct. 30th


November  2019

    Reh #18  Sunday, Nov. 3rd (cast 1&2 ext)

                                   cast 3/4  2:00 - 5:00

                                   cast 1/2  5:30- 8:30pm

    Reh #19  Wednesday, Nov. 6th (full Company)

    Reh #20  Saturday, Nov. 9th (full Company)

                                   Cast 3/4   10:00am - 3pm

                                   Cast 1/2  4pm - 9pm  

    Reh #21  Sunday, Nov. 10th (full Company)

    Reh #22  Monday, Nov. 11th (full Company)

                                   Cast 3/4   1:00pm - 4:00pm

                                   Cast 1/2   5:00pm - 8pm

    Reh #23  Wednesday, Nov. 13th (full Company)

    Reh #24  Sunday, Nov. 17th (full Company)

                                   Cast 3/4   1:00pm - 4:30pm

                                   Cast 1/2   5:30pm - 9pm

    Reh #25  Wednesday, Nov. 20th (full Company)

    Reh #26  Saturday, Nov. 23rd (full Company)

                                       link to  tech schedule 

    Reh #27  Sunday, Nov. 24th (full Company)

                                      link to tech schedule 


Tech/Show week in the Theatre

    Sat. Nov. 23th  --- Sun. Dec. 8th (full Company)


July 2020 (church)

    Reh #1    Sunday, July 26th

                                   Cast 3/4   11am - 3pm

                                       Parent Metting

                                                      2pm - 3pm

                                   Cast 1/2   4pm - 9pm

                                       Parent Metting

                                                      8pm - 9pm

    Reh #2  Monday, July 27th

                                   Cast 3/4   10am - 3pm

                                   Cast 1/2   4pm - 9pm

    Reh #3  Tuesday, July 28th

                                   Cast 3/4   10am - 3pm

                                   Cast 1/2   4pm - 9pm

    Reh #4  Wednesday, July 29th

                                   Cast 3/4   10am - 3pm

                                   Cast 1/2   4pm - 9pm

    Reh #5  Thursday, July 30th

                                   Cast 3/4   10am - 3pm

                                   Cast 1/2   4pm - 9pm

    Reh #6  Friday, July 31st

                                   Cast 3/4   10am - 3pm

                                   Cast 1/2   4pm - 9pm

August 2020  (church)                                        

    Reh #7   Tuesday, Aug. 4th 

                                   Cast 3/4   10am - 3pm

                                   Cast 1/2   4pm - 9pm

    Reh #8   Wednesday, Aug. 5th  

                                   Cast 3/4   10am - 3pm

                                   Cast 1/2   4pm - 9pm

    Reh #9   Thursday, Aug. 6th 

                                   Cast 3/4   10am - 3:30pm

                                   Cast 1/2    4pm - 9pm

    Reh #10   Friday, Aug.7th 

                                   Cast 3/4   10am - 3:30pm

                                   Cast 1/2     4pm - 9pm

    Reh #11   Saturday, Aug.8th

                                   Cast 3/4   10am - 3pm

                                   Cast 1/2     4pm - 9pm

    Reh #12   Monday, Aug.10th

                                   Cast 3/4   10am - 3pm

                                   Cast 1/2     4pm - 9pm


Tech/Show week ( Venue)

   Tues. Aug 11th --- Sun. Aug  16th

 Go to tech  schedule 


Frozen jr.

Frozen JR. is based on the 2018 Broadway musical, and brings Elsa, Anna, and the magical land of Arendelle to life, onstage. The show features all of the memorable songs from the animated film, with music and lyrics by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, plus five new songs written for the Broadway production.

The Music Man jr.

Based on Meredith Willson's six-time-Tony-Award-winning musical comedy, The Music Man JR. features some of musical theatre’s most iconic songs and a story filled with wit, warmth and good old-fashioned romance.  The Music Man JR. is family entertainment at its best — a bold, brassy show that will have the whole town atwitter!

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