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Audition Dance Class #1- Intermediate Combo

     Thursday, May 14th  7pm - 7:40pm

Audition Dance Class #2 - Beginer Combo

     Friday, May 15th  7pm - 7:40pm

Audition Dance Class #3 - Beginer Combo

     Thursday, May 21st  7pm - 7:40pm

Audition Dance Class #4- Intermediate Combo

     Friday, May 22nd  7pm - 7:40pm

DYT  Company Dance Policy  Information

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General Purpose and Regulations

This engagement grants Delta Youth Theatre to use the online Zoom platform for educational/rehearsal purposes with your student.

When taking online classes, a parent or guardian must be present in the home. The parent must provide a safe and reasonable space for the child to dance/move in, free from any hazards, sharp objects, tripping hazards, loose carpet etc.


Your Agreement

I hereby waive any claims to injury or loss to person or property during participation in virtual/online classes, rehearsals or any other Delta Youth Theatre activities, and release directors and instructors from any liability for injury, damage or loss to property or person whatsoever, which may be caused by an act or omission of these.

Online lessons and rehearsals cannot be shared by students to anyone via YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Snap Chat or any other social media platform. They are for the use of Delta Youth Theatre students only. I understand that I will not reproduce, sell, share or distribute any recordings of the Delta Youth Theatre lessons/rehearsals.


I understand that the music used in the videos is not the property of Delta Youth Theatre and is for educational purposes only and does not grant me a license or permission to use third party copyright materials including music.


As a guardian of a Delta Youth Theatre student, I acknowledging this waiver once my student has engaged in a rehearsal/class via Zoom.

I have read and agree to commit

You are now registered. 

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