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DYT  Company Commitment Policy  Information


    • This agreement confirms that I (DYT student guardian) have submitted all conflicts that will arise throughout the DYT rehearsal and performance schedule (excluding emergencies and acts of God).

    • Once students have been offered and have accepted a role with DYT those conflicts will have been agreed to by the company as pre-existing conflicts.

    • New conflicts that arise (that were not previously agreed upon) will be considered a deviation from the initial agreement.  This may result in the removal of the performer from the show, his/her role or a scene/song/dance that was missed during the rehearsal and any subsequent scenes/songs/dances that are affected by the absence.


    • Please direct all questions/absences/concerns  to  Do not contact the Directors directly.

    • In the case of an unexpected late arrival to rehearsal or show you may text 604-417-7748 with your child’s name and estimated arrival time.


    • If  the company has not been informed of a student’s absence and a performer has not signed in on the day of rehearsal, his/her/their guardian will receive a phone call from the DYT stage manager.

    • We request that you do not send us absences on the day of rehearsal.  The deadline for sending absences will be 12noon the day prior to the rehearsal a performer is missing.

    • If an emergency situation arises or your student wakes up sick you can email  with the subject “(students name) missing rehearsal TODAY.” If we don’t get the message in time you may still receive a phone call from stage management in which you can simply explain that you previously emailed the absence.

    • Please do not ask our permission for your student to miss rehearsal.  If you are informing us of an absence, we request that you simply tell us that the performer will be missing. The exception to this is a family emergency and/or a physical illness/injury experienced by the performer in question.

    • Unless requested by the creative team, students are not allowed to attend another casts’ rehearsal.

    • If  DYT makes a last-minute or unexpected change or adds a rehearsal for a promotional performance to the schedule, it is understood that a student may not be able to make it and/or a parent may not be able to get him/her/them there.  Please let us know as soon as you can if he/she/they will be present. In this case it is our responsibility to catch a student up on what he/she/they has/have missed.

    • If your student will be missing rehearsal, please give us the dates including the day of the week that it falls on (ie. Thursday, October 5th).

    • Unless your performer is over 18 years old, we request that a guardian/adult send us the absence details.


    •  DYT is committed to producing Moana Jr. by the end of June 2021 in one of the following venues:

    1. Genesis Theatre in Ladner, B.C.

    2. Alternate indoor theatre location in the lower mainland

    3. Outdoor venue in the lower mainland

    • If DYT produces Moana Jr. in any format at any of the above venues, there will be no refund once casting has been accepted and tuition paid.

    • As much as possible, DYT commits to following our currently posted rehearsal schedule. However, we reserve the right to adjust performance dates based on venue availability and/or a required venue change. Regardless, we maintain our commitment to performances taking place by the end of June 2021.

    • If DYT cancels Moana Jr. at any point in the rehearsal process due to the COVID-19 pandemic (and resulting public health orders), partial refunds will be given and prorated based on the remaining rehearsals.  The partial refund will not include tech week and the shows, which are funded through ticket sales.  All tickets purchased by patrons will be fully refunded.


    • This agreement gives Delta Youth Theatre permission to use photographs/videos  taken during rehearsals and performances, for promotional and fundraising purposes.

by checking this box, I have read and agree to commit

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