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DYT Dance Collective Registration Form

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Medical Information

Student's medical requirements (medication/allergies/special needs)

Parent/Guardian Contact Information               

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a. All payments are non-refundable



a. This agreement gives Delta Youth Theatre permission to use photographs/videos taken during rehearsals and performances, for promotional and fundraising purposes.



Please let us know if your student will be missing class by emailing  You do not need to state the reason.



I hereby give my permission for my child to participate in Delta Youth Theatre’s (DYT) class, I recognize that theatrical and dance activities involve some physical risk. In consideration of my permitting my child to participate, I agree to indemnify and
hold DYT, its directors, contractors and volunteers free and harmless from any and all claims, losses, damages, recoveries, settlements and expenses of any nature or kind which may be incurred by participation in DYTs classes. I hereby assume, on behalf of
my child, all of the risks of participation in DYTs classes.

I hereby certify that I have disclosed any health-related reasons or problems that may
preclude or limit my child’s participation in DYT classes. This includes (but is
not limited to) disclosure of any allergies, physical and/or medical limitations.
I hereby give DYT permission to seek medical attention for my child that may become
necessary as a result of injury, accident and/or illness. I have provided emergency contact
information in the registration form.



DYT Classes and Power Hours have a 3-strikes policy.  Teachers/instructors will outline the behavioral expectations (ie. pre-professional expectations found on our website) on the first day of class and students will do some activities to put these into practice.  Once the expectations have been established students will be expected to try their best to follow them.  If DYT instructors feel that a student is making the choice to go against these expectations, DYT directors will work with guardians (a call/email home) to clarify the expectations to get the student on board.  This student will have two more chances (classes) to demonstrate that they can be a positive member of the collective.  If there is a second attempt by the instructors and the guardians (a second call home) to help the student become a class/power-hour “builder” and a third attempt to remedy the behaviour, that will be the final chance a student has in that particular session. The students family will get a partially prorated DYT class credit for the remainder of the payment to use towards a future class when the student is ready. There will be no refund.

I have read and agree to commit

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