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The safety and well-being of the Delta Youth Theatre (DYT) family, including our actors, crew, staff and volunteers, is of utmost importance. With this in mind, we have developed a COVID-19 safety plan to support rehearsals and performances associated with Moana Jr. 

This safety plan is informed by guidance from the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC), the Government of B.C., and WorkSafe BC.  DYT will remain responsive to any new public health orders or recommendations issued by B.C.’s Chief Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry; we will expand upon activities permitted and/or restrict them, as required and as relevant to our operation. 

The DYT WorkSafe BC COVID-19 Safety Plan will be available for viewing on-site during rehearsals and performances. 

Overall context

The following plan has been created with this in mind:


  • We are trusting that everyone associated with DYT is committed to following current B.C. public health orders. DYT cannot “police” our actors and their families; rather we will follow the lead of B.C.’s Chief Provincial Health Officer and trust that everyone affiliated with DYT is committed to taking all reasonable steps to uphold the greater good of health and well-being for all.

  • We live in a time and place where there is an inherent, albeit low, level of risk of contracting COVID-19 in virtually everything we do. With this in mind, the DYT COVID-19 Safety Plan allows for some low-level risk and works to address what is probable, as opposed to exceptional or rare.



Overall, DYT actors and their families are asked to adhere to B.C. public health orders in the 14 days prior to the start of rehearsals on January 6th 2021, and through the run of the production at the end of June 2021.



  • DYT requires that all cast and crew actively monitor themselves for signs of illness – no matter how small. If performers show any signs of sickness they must refrain from exposing themselves to the cast/crew and production team until such time as symptoms conclude and/or they can confirm a negative COVID-19 test result. The final decision on whether or not a previously ill individual can return lies with the DYT directors. 

  • Should anyone associated with the production become ill during a rehearsal or performance, the following measures will be taken:

    • The individual experiencing symptoms must immediately declare their illness and take steps to self-isolate from cast and crew members;

    • DYT will immediately engage in cleaning of all high touch surfaces

    • If the individual is confirmed to be COVID-19 positive, DYT will suspend production of the cast or casts and participate in Fraser Health case and contact tracing, as required.




  • In B.C., masks are now required for everyone in all public indoor settings and workplaces, although there are some exceptions, notably here for children under the age of 12.  

  • DYT will require all individuals in our indoor rehearsal space to wear non-medical masks, unless otherwise indicated by directors. In these instances, directors will ensure that other public health measures, such as physical distancing from other performers, are in place.


Proximity of performers


  • Physical distancing is only one of the recommended practices to help minimize the spread of COVID-19 and support the expansion of social activities across B.C. Advice from the Deputy Provincial Health Officer is that the two most important and impactful interventions are staying home when you are sick and washing your hands frequently. If these can be adhered to strictly and without exception, the impact of and necessity of physical distancing becomes lesser. 

    • Therefore, upon advice from the BC Centre for Disease Control, DYT will require actors stay home when sick and diligently wash/cleanse their hands before and after engaging in physical contact, such as during choreography. This has been deemed an acceptable risk mitigation within the context of DYT’s larger COVID-19 Safety Plan (which includes measures such as self-monitoring for symptoms in the 14 days prior to rehearsals starting). 

  • Generally speaking, there will be minimal overlap of contact between cast 1/2 and cast 3/4.

  • In extraordinary circumstances, should an actor from one cast need to cross over to another, this individual will wear a non-medical mask during rehearsals and performances (taking advise from BC CDC into consideration at the time of performance) and engage in frequent hand washing.

  • We will use a limited number of “crossover” personnel (ie. choreographers, directors, crew) and these individuals will wear non-medical masks during rehearsals and performances and engage in frequent hand washing.



  • Anyone engaged in rehearsals and performances will engage in frequent hand washing/sanitizing. This will include cleansing hands before, during and after rehearsals and performances, including but not limited to, when actors come in contact with one another during choreography and when donning and doffing props, such as hats.

  • Costumes will be washed between wearings.

  • To minimize points of contact, DYT will modify actor attendance procedures: We will designate one person wearing a non-medical mask to confirm actor attendance and distribute pre-printed nametags, as required.

  • All surfaces will be cleaned between cast rehearsals.



  • Singing is integral to musical theatre. The advice of the BCCDC is that so long as DYT actors are not singing “to” one another in intimate proximity – such as a romantic, face-to-face duet – and are instead facing and projecting to the audience directly, the risk of COVID-19 transmission is minimal.

  • This advice about singing is grounded in three considerations:

    • Earlier reports of COVID-19 outbreaks amongst choirs, most notably in the Southern US, occurred where contact tracing and community surveillance of COVID-19 were not in place. These communities had no reliable level of confidence about the prevalence of COVID-19 in their choir members prior to their participation in this group activity. Further, the age and underlying health conditions of the choir members were significant factors, as was the physical arrangement of the singers (they were  positioned in a manner that had them essentially singing “onto” one another in an indoor space). 

    • Community transmission rates of COVID-19 in B.C. remain low and public health remains confident about the ability to swiftly identify cases and contact trace.

    • Children and young adults remain a lower risk population for COVID-19 infection and transmission. The age range of the majority of our DYT cast members is 9 – 19 years.

  • Audience members will be seated far enough from the stage to prevent potential transmission of the virus via singing from actors to the audience during performances.



  • It is DYT’s expectation that all participants will follow the most current advice posted by the Government of B.C. with respect to travel restrictions.

  • Consistent with past productions, actors must be available to participate in rehearsals and performances in the manner indicated by DYT directors; with this in mind, an actor who chooses to undertake non-essential travel that then necessitates self-isolation may potentially forfeit his/her role in Moana Jr. 

Schools exposures and DYT participation

  • With respect to ‘exposure notifications,’ DYT operates consistent with provincial public health guidelines documented on the BCCDC web site. We encourage parents and performers to familiarize themselves with the information on this site, both proactively and if they receive an ‘exposure notification’ from the schools where students attend. This advice will help guide you on whether or not performers should attend DYT rehearsals and/or performances following an exposure notification.

  • When reviewing this information, it is important to understand the difference between an initial notification and the follow-up that happens when public health identifies an individual as being a ‘close contact’ of a confirmed positive case of COVID-19. The first requires self-monitoring for symptoms while largely maintaining regular activities; the latter usually requires self-isolation and always involves some form of direct and personal follow-up with your family by public health as part of contact tracing. NOTE: Only public health officials can determine what is or is not a ‘close contact’.

Venue and Performances

The venue and performances of Moana Jr. will be outlined in detail as we get closer to the show dates and as we receive more information on availability of venues, and the requirements of B.C. public health orders in effect at that time.  

Here are the options we previously put forth prior to casting:

·      Genesis Theatre in Ladner
·      Rehearsal Schedule Online  
·      Show Schedule Online
·      Full audience or partial audience and full or partial student matinee audiences.
·      Video creation to reach a wider audience.
·      No refunds issued once roles accepted and tuition paid.

·      Genesis Theatre or other indoor theatre (possibly not in Delta).
·      Rehearsal Schedule Online 
·      Show Schedule Online
·      Full audience or partial audience and full or partial student matinee audiences.
·      Video creation to reach a wider audience.
·      No refunds issued once roles accepted and tuition paid.

·      Outdoor production location.
·      Show Schedule Online
·      Show Schedule Online
·      These schedules are subject to minimal change (please note that it is our expectation that this will not be carried into the summer)
·      No refunds issued once roles accepted and tuition paid.
·      Cancellation of show and remaining rehearsals if we are not able to proceed. 
·      A partial-refund will be issued based on remaining rehearsals. 
·      The partial refund will not include the shows, which are funded through ticket sales.
·      Any tickets purchased by patrons will be fully refunded.

Ticket sales

Details about the logistics of ticket sales (including max numbers of tickets per family and costs) have yet to be determined, but DYT will factor in the desire for the parents/guardians of each actor to attend at least one show featuring their child. 

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