Wed. 6th  (full Cast)

    Sun.  10th          

    Wed. 13th

    Sun.  17th    

    Wed, 20th 

    Fri.    22nd * Pro D   

           Private Coachings TBA

    Sun.  24th  

    Wed. 27th

    Sunday, Jan. 31st 


FEBRUARY 2021   

    Wed. 3rd

    Sun.  7th    

    Wed. 10th 

    Sun.  14th    

    Mon. 15th

          cast 3/4  1:30 - 4:30

          cast 1/2  5:30- 8:30pm

    Wed. 17th

    Sun.  21st    

    Wed. 24th 

    Sun.  28th   

MARCH 2021

    Wed. 3rd 

    Sat.   6th 

           Cast 3/4   10:00am - 3pm

           Cast 1/2  4pm - 9pm 

    Sun.  7th 

    Wed. 10th 

    Sun.  28th

    Wed. 31st

APRIL 2021 

    Wed. 7th (cast 1 & 2 ext)

    Sun.  11th

    Wed. 14th 

    Sat.   17th (full Cast)

            Cast 3/4   10:00am - 3pm

            Cast 1/2  4pm - 9pm 

    Sun.  18th (full Cast)

            Cast 3/4   1:00pm - 4:30pm

            Cast 1/2   5:30pm - 9pm

    Wed. 21st (full Cast)

    Sun.  25th

    Wed. 28th 

MAY 2021

    Sat. 1st (full Cast)

            Cast 3/4   10:00am - 2pm

            Cast 1/2  3pm - 7pm 

    Sun.  2nd

    Wed. 5th 




Friday, May 7th                  (Theatre)     

                7pm – 9pm          TBD 1,2,3,4

Saturday, May 8th             (Theatre)     

                9am – 3pm            cast 3/4

                4pm – 10pm          cast 1/2

Sunday, May 9th                (Theatre)     

                9am – 3pm            cast 3/4

                4pm – 10pm          cast 1/2

Monday, May 10th             (Theatre)     

                5pm – 10pm             Cast 3

Tuesday, May 11th            (Theatre)     

                5pm – 10pm            Cast 4

Wednesday, May 12th      (Theatre)     

                5pm – 10pm             Cast 1

Thursday, May 13th           (Theatre)     

                5pm – 10pm             Cast 2

Friday, May 14th                 (Theatre)     

                5pm – 10pm               TBA

Saturday, May 15th            (Theatre)     

                12pm – 3pm               TBA

Willy Wonka Cast 1-4460.jpg


All cast members will be called on Sundays for rehearsals. Your time will either be 2-5: 00 pm or 6:00-8: 30 pm depending on the cast you are in.   Note:  For the months of November and April, Cast 1 & 2 rehearsals will begin at 5:30 pm



All cast members must be available for Wednesday rehearsals. Your time will either be 5: 00pm - 7:00pm or 7:30pm-9:00pm depending on the cast you are in. Cast members will be given 5 days notice for Wednesday call-times. Students may be called for a portion of this rehearsal or for the entire time.  Note:  For the months of November and April, Cast 1 & 2 rehearsals will begin at 7:00 pm


We request that students keep the time between the "early cast" and "later cast" available as we use these times for costume fittings, promo rehearsals involving all 4 casts, dialect coachings and other show-related and rehearsal needs​. 

Wednesdays 7-7:30pm

Sundays 5-6pm 


Some students may be contacted outside of this schedule for vocal coaching prep.   



This time is incredibly important and we require all actors to be available. Tech rehearsals and performances will be in the Genesis Theatre.


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